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The path of art; is not to learn or make art. It's the path of being an artist. 

Many books have been written on digitalization, innovation and entrepreneurship, and many methods and tools have been developed. However, according to our belief; getting trainings, reading books and even practicing are not enough for being a digital entrepreneur and innovator.

A digital entrepreneur and innovator takes a self-development journey with constant self-reflection and practice. Their areas of development are competencies such as resilience, to be able tostay with uncertainty, coping with emotional barriers, creativity, problem solving, empathy, etc.

On the other hand, understanding digital technologies from a business perspective is very important ifor digital transformation for developing real-life use cases.

We accompany your organization, teams, and employees at all levels on the technical, cultural, and personal journey necessary for digital transformation.

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Growth through the development of new products/services and business models using digital technologies

Cost reduction by optimizing existing operations using digital technologies



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Below you can see some of the needs we've seen often. If you have similar needs, we have the solutions.  


But we will still come and listen to you and make sure your need is similar. If it is, we'll fine-tune our solution for your situation.

If you need something different, we can design a custom solution together. 

Handover to robots

Need: Your employees are consumed by repetitive legwork tasks. You want to give these tasks to software robots ASAP and move on to value-added tasks. However, you managed to identify and implement very few / no processes in your previous attempts. Robots are sitting idle. 

Solution: We identify your processes suitable for robots in 8 weeks, calculate ROI per process, and get ready for roll-out. We also deploy 1 RPA process for your people to see how robots work with your own processes. Process owners are the ones who can identify processes for robots. So we make them gain this competence. We apply special methods to prevent time problems and individual / cultural resistances.

Bring your business idea alive

Need:  Your digital business idea is clear, you want to implement it quickly and see the results, but it is progressing slowly. IT function is under a huge pile of work. User interfaces & customer experience should also be great besides coding, but you don't have these competencies. And you don't want to grow the team until the business idea takes off.

Solution: We establish the team for you to bring your digital business idea to life. Together we decide what functions will be in the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), that is, the first useful version of the software, and go live in 12 weeksThere are also people in the team from your organization; so that you can take over after we leave. If we step into individual / cultural barriers, we also work on them.

OKR Transformation

Need: As you go digital, you find that your legacy performance management system and KPI tracking falls short of achieving organizational goals, employee ownership, and inter-team collaboration. 

Solution: We start with the alignment of key stakeholders in the organization. Then we hear everyone's concerns regarding current performance management system. 

We design the new system in a way that eliminates these problems.

We also equip executives with OKR coaching competencies and accompany you throughout the transformation.

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