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Get support from coaches and facilitators who gets your business.

Our coaches and facilitators know the technology and the business, and can include your technical and business issues during workshops. That's why the learning experiences and coaching we provide are relevant in your real life.


In our workshops, we create learning experiences to provide technical and human (soft) competencies. This experience includes practice, coaching, gamification and supervision rather than lecturing.


In this way, people participate and a bridge is built between learning and their real life, so that they can put into practice what they have learned when they return to work.


If you wish, we can also make customized workshop designs for your specific needs.


Coaching is for the individual or team to learn from within.

Individuals and teams can take responsibility, overcome obstacles, be effective, and reach their potential only when they demonstrate their own internally approved attitudes and derive their own solutions.


We play our games, in which we simulate real life and create awareness with group coaching at every stage of the experience, in groups of up to 50 people.


These trainings are given in the form of 3-hour workshops, where the participants can choose from the catalog according to their specific needs and meet them practically and quickly.


Our purpose in creating the programs is our belief that real change comes with an accompaniment that spans time. For this reason, we create a integrated experience consisting of workshops, coaching and supervision. We primarily involve the volunteers in your organization in this experience and ensure that they are the champions of the change we want.

If you wish, we also make customized program designs for your specific needs.

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