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It's not your business model, operational excellence, or efficiency that makes your organization great.

It is your inspired people and how they interact with each other that make all of these. 

Teams and organizations are just like people:

Sometimes they are like knowledge collectors lacking inspiration.

Sometimes they are full of energy, but they do not know which way to go.

Sometimes they get anxious and stiff about the 'to do' lists.  

Sometimes their internal conflicts are so great that they drain the energy to function.


We know that even in our technical projects, success depends on people and culture.


That's why, regardless of the consultancy type you want, we always work on people and culture integrated with business and technical topics. We incorporate design thinking' and 'coaching' approaches.


Below are some of the needs we've often seen.

We will still come and listen to you to fine-tune for your unique situation.

We can design a custom solution together, for your different needs. 

Transform Your Culture

Need: Your culture, which brought you to where you are today, has started to hinder your new business goals. Despite all efforts, dysfunctional habits and behavior patterns persist. Existing culture is also absorbing or throwing out the new hires.

Solution: We believe that big transformations can only be realized via small and continuous steps, rather than big projects/designs. We start with the question "Why?" and work with all levels. We build the ground with a pilot group in 12 weeks project. At the end of this period, the group forms and embraces the vision of transformation, gets the ownership and becomes the spark. We also come up with an agile plan and tangible actions for roll-out.

Creativity for innovation

Need: You have some behavioral patterns and inflexible ways of doing business in your company/team. Your organization structure and relationships support this situation. You want employees at all levels to produce different thoughts and ideas and innovate.

Solution: We choose a team and work with them during their projects. For 8 weeks, we conduct 4 workshops and facilitate them to apply creativity techniques in their real life situations. At the end of the project, they get in touch with their own creative sources, get familiar with using individual / collective creativity techniques regularly. On top of these, we share with you our findings regarding barriers / promoters of creativity in your organization.

Be an effective team

Need: You want to support a project team to be effective. Yet, they have conflicts, they cannot cooperate and walk towards a common goal. They are not performing well enough.

Solution: We believe teams are bigger and different than the sum of the people in them. In our 8-week program, we conduct 4 workshops to enable the team to unlock their potential, and facilitate them to produce and apply their own solutions. We also support them to acquire the competencies they need. We also make sure that the results are visible and meaningful to the team and the company.

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