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Sustainability for nature, life and people.

Sustainability is not just about corporate efficiency projects aiming to solve the scarcity problem. 

Sustainability is to transform production and consumption compatible with nature, life and people. It is to develop technology not only with the mind, but also with the soul and feelings. It is to add the spiritual and emotional dimension to the rational mind.

With this perspective, we accompany you as a consultant, coach, and facilitator within the scope of the 17 sustainable development goals set by the United Nations. We help your organization transform in topics ranging from gender to green innovation, from inclusiveness to green production & consumption.



Below you can see some of the needs we've seen often. If you have similar needs, we have the solutions.


We will still come and listen to you and make sure your need is similar. If it's similar, we'll fine-tune our solution for your situation.

If you need something different, we can design a custom solution together. 

Caring parents, happy employees

Need: In the limited time and difficult life conditions, employees face difficulties in meeting their own and their children's emotional needs simultaneously.

Solution: We have created a program that covers employees who have or want to have children.

In this program, which we spread over time, we do the necessary practices so that the participants can meet the bonding needs of their children in a compassionate way without pushing themselves too hard.

In addition to workshops, we organize circles where they share their difficult situations they experience with their children and we help them find their own solutions via coaching.

Green innovation

Need: Developing innovative solutions for net zero transformation of organizations.

Solution: We accompany you to develop innovative efficiency ideas that will reduce carbon emissions.  

In this context, we conduct an intensive one-week study consisting of surveys and workshops, where ideas from the entire organization are collected. We then accompany you for a month where ideas are prioritized, matured and draft plans are drawn up for implementation.

Gender equality ambassadors

Need: Toxic communication that can occur when employees are unaware of their use of gender-related language and gender bias

Solution: The aim of a program open to the participation of everyone, from blue-collar to white-collar workers, is to provide a deep penetration of the subject into the organization by raising "ambassadors" with high awareness of gender equality. Participation is on a voluntary basis. The program consisting of workshops and supervisions. At the end, participants become aware of their gender biases and biased language, apply this awareness to daily life and gain the competence to train other employees.

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