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Hande Arıkan with PCC

Digital Awareness Ambassadors

It is possible to improve yourself by earning money, not by spending money.

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I want to develop myself and gain experience in the field of coaching and facilitation. In addition, I would like to deepen in the field of digitalization. But I don't have the budget for all this.

If so, this program may interest you.

You can apply if you meet the following conditions:

•   Have basic coaching competencies (documented by an ICF-approved coaching training)
•   You will be able to allocate time for the above-mentioned program from April 2022.
•   Being able to travel and participate in workshops outside of Istanbul

The scope of the program is as follows:

•   3-day learning workshop
•   8 hours (1.5 hours * 4 sessions) group supervision
•   1 day on-the-job learning (as assistant facilitator)
•   10 days of solo facilitation (with a fee)

It would be nice if you already have:

   Training experience

   Facilitating experience
   A driver's license


  • Basic Principles of Facilitation

  • Main skills and qualifications

  • Phases and dynamics of groups

  • Recognizing diversity in the group with Deep Democracy Role Theory

  • Ensuring emotional security, creating an environment that will establish deep bonds and ensure participation

  • Techniques for managing the emotional sphere

    • Maintaining positivity and fluidity

    • Healthy communication and bonding

    • structural tools

    • Intervention in the group

  • Managing diversity, resistance and conflict

    • Individual resistances (distraction, lack of interest in the subject, etc.)

    • Team resistances (autocracy, conflict, etc.)

    • Institutional resistances (disbelief, objection, etc.)

  • Supporting structural conditions (Place, area, duration, number of people, etc.)

  • Uncover your unique style as a facilitator

  • Adaptation of skills and tools learned for face-to-face and additional techniques to the online context.

Our quota is limited. We will accept applications until March 18, 2022.

  • Name Surname

  • Linkedin profile / CV

  • your mobile number

  • A one-paragraph article describing the motivation to participate in this program


Share ABOVE INFORMATION with us by clicking the button below :) Alternatively you may write to If you do not meet the application requirements, we will not be able to get back to you.

We'll organize a zoom meeting to get to know the applicants and share more information on the project.

Hande Arikan, P.C.C.

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Fasilitsyon ne dediler?

Erdem Gezer

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur

Thanks to the training I received from Hande, I learned how to be more effective, hold space and take control when working with large groups. When I learned to use tools and methods that have been tested many times before, my self-confidence increased and I received much better feedback.

Özlem Pakiş


About 2 years ago, I met Hande's style, which combines childlike curiosity, mischief and compassion, in a short facilitation workshop. I recommend you to experience the compassionate facilitation space held by Hande.

Cagla Senol

Trainer, Professional Coach

In my early days, I thought that giving education meant 'explaining the subjects in order'. What I learned from Hande, the practices we did, the examples and most importantly the feedback fundamentally influenced my perspective and helped move it in the right direction. I strongly recommend it😇

Ceran Dereobali

Human Resources Profesyoneli

I recommend Hande's facilitator training not only to trainers but to everyone working with teams. I made rapid progress with his content, expertise and confident, friendly and inclusive approach. I was very impressed by his combination of fields such as Coaching and Deep Democracy. I learned the intricacies of facilitation. I now lead and communicate more confidently in group work.

Derya Dalgıç

Professional Coach, AC.C.

What I learned from Hande affected not only my work but also my whole life. His inclusivity, leadership, equal distance stance that embraces different ideas, and compassionate, non-judgmental listening have inspired me greatly. I now manage group energy, dynamics and participation much better. I can use my emotions and skills more during training. My job satisfaction increased. Hande's feedback was very helpful in helping me achieve these.

Filiz Bozkurt

Instructor, Professionall Aries

The content Hande created by synthesizing different approaches such as Gestalt, Deep Democracy, ORSC, Nonviolent Communication was very original. It made significant contributions to me in hearing the participants, making it easier for them to hear each other, express their feelings and thoughts, and learn from each other.

I recommend this training to anyone who works with groups and wants to improve the learning experience of the participants.

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